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How do Swedish businesses support the UK's plan
for growth?

Swedish businesses have been present in the UK and contributed to the British economy and society for centuries. Today, Sweden is the UK's 8th largest investor. In 2021 alone, Swedish investments created 1,716 UK jobs. (Source: UK Department for International Trade).

The Swedish business footprint in the UK has previously not been documented and communicated in a coherent way. This is why the Swedish Chamber, together with the Embassy of Sweden in London, and Business Sweden, are conducting a series of surveys examining exactly how businesses are contributing to the UK's aspiration for the whole country to grow, and to even out inequalities across regions.



How is Swedish business supporting the UK's new International Technology strategy?

How are Swedish businesses supporting the UK in its ambitions to deliver the UK’s technology ambition on the world stage? And what opportunities does the strategy open up for businesses to further boost the country's economic growth through investments, job creation, and increased productivity?

There are more than 1,000 Swedish businesses operating in the UK.

Source: UK Department for International Trade

Creating growth across the UK

See how Swedish businesses support regional growth in the UK.


We asked 87 Swedish businesses about their UK presence with regards to location of branches and sites, staffing and future investments within their operations.


Together, the 87 businesses employ 78,616 people across the UK. With a considerable presence across all regions, most jobs are evenly distributed between London, North West and South East England. 


Within the next five years, our study shows that Swedish businesses are creating close to 9,000 new jobs in the UK. This is an addition of 11.5% job opportunities, compared to current employment base.

 Swedish businesses support   growth across the UK

Navigate the map to see the Swedish business footprint across the UK. 

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